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How We Teach and Learn

Explore passing the torch.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained

Throughout history, our progress has depended on passing on knowledge, from basic survival skills to the narrowest focus of specialization. The more we learn, the richer we all are. How do we bring teachers and learners together in new and engaging ways?

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Education renaissance?

The cutting edge of teaching and learning

When students can see how what they're learning is connected to the world around them, they understand more and perform even better. And the more they see their place in the world, the more they can influence it. 

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Captivating classrooms

Creating learning experiences that engage

With technology in nearly every pocket, it's harder to keep students engaged in class. Our experts look for ways to teach digital natives with the tools they understand.

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Practice makes perfect

Simulation in health care education

When it comes to making sure graduates know what they're doing, the stakes are higher than in health care than almost anywhere else. But how do doctors, nurses and veterinarians practice and gain skills unless someone gets sick or hurt?

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Classroom conversations

Teaching divisive course material

The only way to make progress on uncomfortable issues is to talk about them openly – but how do we get students to feel comfortable examining their own beliefs and perceptions?

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Tomorrow's teacher

Innovative practices in the classroom

Education can be a powerful way to address social problems, engage communities and inspire social accountability in students – because there's so much more to education than learning facts.

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Education for a changing world

Building curricula for purpose

Every profession evolves, whether it's nurses becoming community health managers, or architects designing buildings with machines, or lawyers using artificial intelligence. It's up to universities to see what's ahead and make sure students are prepared.

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How do you practise clinical skills without patients?

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Preparing students for the unknown

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Top tips to build student teams that excel

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Technology and gaming in education

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