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Democracy in Action

What’s the future of democracy?

Around the world, democracy is eroding. Fake news, foreign interference and partisanship are only a few of the threats facing our institutions. Our researchers study issues such as election technology, social movements and policy-making — because the more we understand these forces, the better prepared we'll be for what's coming.   

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Democracy in health care: The healing power of equality

A lot can be said about a society based on how they care for their weakest members. So how are Canadian democratic ideals reflected in our health-care systems?

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Of dogs and democracy: How the animals we live with influence our social structures

We don't often think of our pets and other animals as part of our societies, but research shows they play important roles in shaping public policy, how we get along with each other, and how we interact with our democratic institutions.

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Webinar — Power and collective resistance

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Webinar — Elections in the digital age

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Dr. Joel Reardon, PhD

Video — How do they change how you vote?

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Webinar — Voter's bootcamp

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Podcast — Where have all our female premiers gone?

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A feather pen signing

Podcast — How do we right the wrongs of over 100 years ago?

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the world enters an hourglass

Podcast — What's Canada's place in a changing world?

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Dr. Joel Reardon, PhD

Video — How does social media influence an election?

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Let food be thy medicine

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