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How we work, how we take care of each other, how we create, how we grow up and age – even how we co-exist. As the modern world gets more and more crowded, we need every way we can find to make life easier.

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Illustration for legal cannabis cost article

How much will legal pot cost?

Cannabis legalization and how it will affect our governments, our laws, and our way of life

UCalgary researchers explore the social side of cannabis legislation, including policy, legislation, and on-campus life.

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Photo of young man driving and a police light in the background

Is driving high as bad as driving drunk?

Legalization and what it means for traffic safety

UCalgary researchers study how legalized cannabis could affect our roads and highways, including driving habits with cannabis, impaired driving laws, and a roadside sensor to detect cannabis.

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image of mother holding a baby

Mental health

Finding strengths within

Our researchers are taking strengths-based, empowering approaches to postpartum depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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image of Canadian provinces' flags

Interprovincial trade barriers

Canadians face $100-billion question

Grocery deals. Discounts. Bargain car repairs. Every day, Canadians are looking for ways to deal with a tough economy. Yet they aren’t seeing the cost that takes big bites daily out of the economy.

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photo of parent holding hand with their infant

Family care

Coping with cancer in children

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, all efforts are directed at caring for the child. But research shows that caring for their families and those around them can be just as important.

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image of older couple hiking

Healthy aging

Six ways to age well

Call it the gray wave: according to Statistics Canada, five million Canadians are currently 65 years of age or older, and that number is expected to double in the next 25 years. Our scholars look at ways the growing population of seniors can stay healthy, active and in their own homes.

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image of people using different devices

Staying safe

Information is power

From workplace bullying to Internet security to domestic violence, research is leading the way when it comes to tackling common issues of personal security.

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photo of several people waling in an office space


What makes us tick at work?

Many of us devote a huge chunk of our lives to work. Justin Weinhardt devotes a huge chunk of his life to studying what makes us work at work – including motivation, decision-making, confidence and corporate training.

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Healthy aging graphic

Aging well: Are you prepared?

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photo of man reading a book

ASD: early detection, resilience and growing into adulthood

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conceptual image of lady justice, cannabis and handcuffs

Ready or not: The legal landscape for cannabis

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conceptual image with cannabis leaves and silhouette of a young person

Cannabis legalization and youth

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screengrab of video featuring Nicole Letourneau

How postpartum depression affects babies

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image of code bar with made in canada text

The $100-billion question: Canada's internal trade barriers

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photo of parent holding baby's hand

How childhood cancer affects children and families

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picture of people using devices

Staying safe in cyberspace

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photo of Tickat Work

How much confidence is good for you?

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image of computer hacker

Internet and the law: Protecting yourself against online abuse

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image of people waling in a city

Cannabis legalization: A policy primer

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screengrab of video featuring Nancy Moules

Advice on childhood cancer – from families who've been there

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screengrab of video featuring Sheri Madigan

Communicating with children at all stages

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conceptual illustration with a large and diverse group of peoples

What does legalized cannabis mean for Canadians?

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screengrab from video featuring John Brown

Tour the Senior Suite of the Future

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image of kid working in a classroom environment

Exercise and learning: sparking positive connections for children with ADHD

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screengrab of video featuring Sandy Hershcovis

Dealing with workplace aggression

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picture of parent holding a baby

Parenting: Getting it right

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The roots of anxiety

Watch this webinar to find out what we know so far about the factors contributing to anxiety disorders and how advancing our understanding could help us predict who is at risk, as well as better target treatments for those already suffering.

Let food be thy medicine

A growing body of evidence indicates our current diets are unhealthy and a major cause of premature death and disability. Watch to learn more about the risks of poor diet, and how changes in nutrition policy could better support the health of all Canadians.

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Genocide survivor Régine King finds reconciliation lessons in the aftermath of mass violence

A UCalgary Social Work professor is on a life mission to understand complexity of Rwanda's mass slaughter and make sure it never happens again.

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An up-close look at protecting our North

A political science researcher joins a Canadian Forces training exercise for some first-hand experience with defending Canada's Arctic sovereignty.

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Taking care of canna-business

When the Alberta government went out looking for evidence — cold, hard facts about marijuana that could inform a made-in-Alberta strategy with respect to federal legalization — it came knocking on the door of the O’Brien Institute’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Unit.

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Rude customers may be lucrative for restaurant servers: study

Witnesses tip more and give higher customer service evaluations when they see fellow customers mistreat servers, UCalgary research shows.

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Parenting styles, screen time impact childhood smoking rates

A global scientific review finds that good, old-fashioned parenting trumps school intervention programs for effectiveness.

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The whys and wherefores of dishonesty in the workplace

Manipulative personalities — the world is full of them and we’re all bound to encounter such individuals in our lives, the workplace being no exception.

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In defence of jealousy, the green-eyed monster

Few human emotions get as bad a rap as jealousy. Ever viewed as a character flaw, a sign of pettiness and weakness, in the extreme it can be damaging, often the root of bullying or crimes of passion.

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Rebuilding Afghanistan's civil service

After decades of war, extremism and occupation, Afghanistan's civil service is in dire need of help. A United Nations fellowship program has been pitching in with leadership and expertise.

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