As societal conversations around gender evolve, UCalgary researchers look at a wide range of aspects related to this topic, including changing perceptions of gender through representation in art, our laws and gender discrimination, masculinity, and gender norms in sports.

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A (short) history of feminism in Canada

As Canadian society has evolved and developed, so too has the fight for equality for women. And while gains have been made, many of the attitudes and obstacles that women face remain as prevalent now as they were in the early 19th century.

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What we learn from the feminization of fish

The past couple of decades have opened up new conceptions of sex and gender. The idea that there are only two biologically based genders — male and female — is being replaced by a more fluid understanding where masculinity and femininity overlap, shift and combine. 

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Unearthing the stories of Maya women

A look at women and power in the ancient world, through the lens of ruins found in Central America.

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The fight to be considered "persons" under the law

Until 1929, women were not considered "persons" under Canadian law. Five women banded together to push for change in courts in Canada and beyond.

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Gender politics in social media

The online world provides both opportunity and obstacles to girls and women. Yet while millions of people gather online to share information and connect with each other in good faith, far too many people have abandoned their social media accounts due to overwhelming amounts of trolling, bullying and hate.

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Webinar — Rethinking masculinity: Panel discussion

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Webinar — Women in politics: Access, impact and outcomes

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