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Anxiety and Depression

Are anxiety and depression in our genes?

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating disorders. But how they develop is not yet fully understood. Our researchers study the genetic and environmental factors that lead to anxiety and depression, what helps some people overcome them better than others, and what we can do to prevent them in the first place.

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Helping teens who have anorexia and anxiety: Q&A with an experienced professional

About 90 per cent of people diagnosed with anorexia are women, often in adolescence. Anorexia also often goes hand-in-hand with anxiety. We talk to Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, PhD, a leading anorexia researcher, about how to support teens in recovery from this eating disorder.

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Webinar – The roots of anxiety

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Watch this webinar to find out what we know so far about the factors contributing to anxiety disorders and how advancing our understanding could help us predict who is at risk, as well as better target treatments for those already suffering.

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A growing body of evidence indicates our current diets are unhealthy and a major cause of premature death and disability. Watch to learn more about the risks of poor diet, and how changes in nutrition policy could better support the health of all Canadians.

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