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Our Place in the Universe

Explore the big picture.

Where we've been and where we're going

As we learn more about our past, and simultaneously push harder against the final frontier, our universe gets smaller and smaller. How do we unlock its secrets with science on the ground and in the cosmos?

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Space weather

How's the weather up there?

When we think about weather, we don't usually think about space. But phenomena like the aurora and space weather can have profound impacts on our daily lives. 

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concept illustration of mars colony

Settling mars

To live where no one has lived before

As human travel to Mars becomes more feasible, UCalgary researchers tackle some of the challenges of living in space. 

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Careers in space

Making an astronaut

Children all over the world dream of traveling to space. A few follow that dream all the way into orbit, and others work to support space exploration from the ground. We talk to a few UCalgary alumni about pursuing their ambitions of space flight.

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Quantum science

Beyond the final frontier

UCalgary scholars study the universe at its most fundamental level, including how to find and measure antimatter, how to build quantum computers, how to make teleportation possible, and even how our brains communicate. 

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concept illustration for mars colony

Tips for future Mars dwellers

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illustration of a rocket leaving earth

Flying really high: The path to becoming an astronaut

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image of earth from space

Why should we care about space weather?

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image of satellite and the sun

Is there a dark side to the northern lights?

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image of satellite above earth

Careers in space: Launching a livelihood in the stars

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image of a computer chip and a world map in the background

Solving the mysteries of the quantum world

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antimatter lab. image courtesy of CERN

How much does antimatter matter?

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image of dinosaur fossil teeth being measure

Can dinosaurs help us adapt to climate change?

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The roots of anxiety

Watch this webinar to find out what we know so far about the factors contributing to anxiety disorders and how advancing our understanding could help us predict who is at risk, as well as better target treatments for those already suffering.

Let food be thy medicine

A growing body of evidence indicates our current diets are unhealthy and a major cause of premature death and disability. Watch to learn more about the risks of poor diet, and how changes in nutrition policy could better support the health of all Canadians.

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Poop to plastic

A gold medal-winning UCalgary student project converts human waste into useful bioplastic items for deep-space missions.

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Cosmic collaboration

Thanks to international collaboration, astrophysics undergrads in Calgary and Beijing simultaneously study giant black hole.

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Students present designs to NASA

A group of UCalgary engineering students get to present their ideas for space travel at a bio-inspired design conference.

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New look at the old

Using reality capture technology, a UCalgary archaeologist creates 3D digital images of heritage sites around Alberta.

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“Radical rethink” of evolution

The fossil of an early snake-like animal called Lethiscus stocki has kept its evolutionary secrets for the last 340 million years. Now, an international team of researchers has revealed new insights into the ancient Scottish fossil that dramatically challenge our understanding of the early evolution of tetrapods, or four-limbed animals with backbones.

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Finding a family for 'Baby Louie'

Led by a UCalgary paleontologist, researchers have discovered the lineage of a 'baby dragon from China.'

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Looking for life on other planets

Armed with a Gates Cambridge scholarship, a UCalgary graduate student heads to Cambridge to study exoplanets and hopefully answer some of our oldest questions about our universe.

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The mystery of antimatter

As part of an international research team, UCalgary scientists are helping to unravel one of the universe’s big puzzles.

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Uncovering dinosaur diversity in Japan

Analysis of a surprising eggshell fragment discovery shows a range of dinosaurs lived in the area.

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Rating the severity of natural disasters

Jithamala Caldera, who lived through the Sri Lanka tsunami, helps gauge the need for international assistance after natural disaster strikes.

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Night light too bright

An international study looking at skyglow – the brightness of the night sky caused by artificial light – finds that light pollution is widespread.

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Quantum leaps and bounds

Advances in the so-called quantum Internet are moving at light speed, including a quantum information storage device developed at the University of Calgary.

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