Technology and gaming in education



Beaumie Kim, Pratim Sengupta

How is technology changing teaching and learning? What place does gaming have in building skills that are critical for today’s workplaces – and tomorrow’s? In this webinar, Associate Professors Beaumie Kim and Pratim Sengupta from UCalgary’s Werklund School of Education examine these topics and discuss how educators are using technology and gaming to engage students and deepen their learning.


About the Speakers

Dr. Beaumie Kim, PhD, is an associate professor and chair of Learning Sciences with UCalgary’s Werklund School of Education. Her work is focused on learners’ creating games as models of worlds for their own learning. Her research work is carried out in collaboration with teachers and students as design partners, and by observing their interactions, discourse and artifacts.

Dr, Pratim Sengupta, PhD, is the Research Chair of STEM Education and associate professor of Learning Sciences with UCalgary’s Werklund School of Education. He invents and designs programming languages, physical computing environments and digital games for science education in schools and public spaces. Pratim received the US National Science Foundation’s NSF Career Award in 2012.