Jan. 9, 2018

Top tips to build student teams that excel


Teamwork is a fact of student life. Teams provide a forum for discussion and learning and give students a chance to practise concepts from the classroom that they will eventually use in their careers. Knowing how to work on a team and collaborate with others is a vital skill.

Join Thomas O’Neill, an associate professor in UCalgary’s Department of Psychology and founder of the Individual and Team Performance Laboratory, as he sheds light on how to enhance the performance of student teams.


About the Speaker

Thomas O’Neill is associate professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in the University of Calgary's Department of Psychology. He is a leading expert in the areas of assessment, team dynamics, distributed teams, conflict management, personality, and flexible work. He is director of the Individual and Team Performance Lab and the Virtual Team Performance, Innovation, and Collaboration Lab at the University of Calgary. Over the past 10 years O’Neill has worked with organizations in numerous industries including oil and gas, healthcare, technology, government, and venture capitals.