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Does anatomy define gender?

Our concept of gender is changing, becoming more about how we see ourselves and less about our bodies. Our researchers study how gender informs our lives, our laws, and our loves — because the bodies we're born with aren't the only things that make us who we are.

Answering the big questions

From laboratory bench to hospital bedside, from cultural evolution to digital revolution, we're translating discovery into meaningful, measurable change.

Explore UCalgary is our way of showing you how we're challenging conventions, solving the unsolvable and doing our best to make the world a better place. For you, for us, for our communities and for everyone around the globe.

So dive in and immerse yourself in our stories of research, of breakthroughs, of discovery and of innovation, across broad themes and in specific topics, in all faculties and disciplines.

Our themes of exploration

These are the themes that guide our journeys of discovery. 

Culture and Society

Studying the stories of 'us' – how we live, work and evolve together.

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Energy and the Environment

Powering our planet while safeguarding our future.

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Entrepreneurial Thinking

Solving problems and creating opportunities – in any discipline.

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High-Performance Athletics

Pushing the boundaries of higher, faster, stronger, better.

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How We Teach and Learn

Expanding the art and science of education.

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Human and Animal Health

Blending discovery and teaching on the forefront of medical advancement.

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Our Place in the Universe

Searching the earth and sky for answers to age-old questions.

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Urban Evolution

Shaping our spaces and the world around us.

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