Oct. 17, 2017

Tips for future mars dwellers


Marjan Eggermont, a senior instructor in UCalgary's Schulich School of Engineering, teaches biomimicry, a form of design that takes inspiration from natural systems and processes to overcome complex challenges. She looks at how creatures on Earth live in and adapt to hostile environments and how some of their strategies could be useful on trips to Mars.

In this webinar, Eggermont shares some of her insights and her engineering students’ work exploring design solutions to several challenges related to settling on Mars, including "Getting there," “Living on Mars," "Food for astronauts" and “Radiation."


About the Speaker

Marjan Eggermont is a senior instructor in UCalgary’s Schulich School of Engineering. She is a Fellow and past Educational Advisory Board member for the Biomimicry Institute and a founding editor and designer of the online biomimicry journal Zygote Quarterly. Marjan has spoken on the subject of biomimicry around the world, including an invited talk at the first Biomimicry Summit and Education Forum for Aerospace in collaboration with NASA. She received the Biomimicry 3.8 Best of Biomimicry Award for Excellence in Biomimicry Education in 2013.