April 2, 2019

Rethinking masculinity: Panel discussion


Masculine stereotypes abound in our culture. Is it time to redefine what it means to be a man? Our panel of experts explore how masculinity intersects with areas as diverse as education, sport, politics, art, body image and identity.


Dr. Michael Kehler, PhD, is a professor of masculinity studies at UCalgary's Werklund School of Education. His research addresses the intersection of gender and education more broadly and specifically explores masculinities, schooling, literacies, men as change agents, counter sexist politics, body image, health education, bullying, homophobia and team sport.

Pam Krause is CEO of Calgary’s Centre for Sexuality, a UCalgary alumna (BA’86, Political Science) and an advocate and activist on issues related to gender equality and social justice. Under Pam’s leadership, the centre has grown and today is the only non-profit organization in our community that provides comprehensive sexual health education programs and services to people across the lifespan. 

Dr. Jean-René Leblanc, PhD, is an associate professor of digital arts in UCalgary's Faculty of Arts. His creative research emphasizes an interdisciplinary digital artistic approach using photographic media as a point of departure for critical thought and problem solving. His work explores the relationship between digital technology and culture with an emphasis on technologies of interfacing, issues of play, masculinity and the body.

Moderator: Nolan Hill, BA’19, Women’s Studies, is the gay men’s health specialist at Calgary’s Centre for Sexuality. He develops community capacity through support, information, resources and training programs aimed at health literacy, leadership and wellness.

Recorded on April 2, 2019