Jan. 25, 2019

Raising food-savvy consumers

A guide to media and advertising literacy for children


Children are taught from early on to distinguish “kid food” from “adult food,” and that kid food is meant to be fun and entertaining. Traipsing through the supermarket with mom and dad, children see product after product with character licensing and cartoon characters, fruit snacks that roll out into a ‘foot of fun’, and yogurt tubes that glow in the dark.

But how much of this food is healthy or even nutritious? Children are targeted by a multi-billion dollar food marketing industry motivated to sell foods, regardless of whether or not they contribute to unhealthy diets.

Based on research conducted by University of Calgary experts, this free ebook is designed to help parents and children navigate food marketing appeals, and to help families make decisions about the packaged food they buy. Each section contains information about the supporting research, things to think about, and things to try at home with kids.

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