As populations grow, so do the pressures on cities and their residents. From neighbourhood design to dog parks, from innovation to immigration, our scholars study every aspect of how our urban centres grow and evolve.
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Healthy neighbourhoods
Walkability in urban design: Building health into the places we live

Do our neighbourhoods affect our health? UCalgary researchers study walkability in our built environments to learn how we can design healthier places to live for all.

Pets and the city

Responsible pet ownership in crowded urban centres

As our cities become more and more crowded, and more of us choose to live with pets, how do we ensure that animals and people can co-exist?

Economic resilience

Turning research into commerce in a down market

What happens when an industry that fuels explosive growth collapses? That depends on the ability of the marketplace to adapt and change course.

Intelligent traffic systems
Studies in urban transportation and traffic management

At UCalgary's Schulich School of Engineering, researchers study innovative “ring” transit routes, commuter behavior, navigation systems, cycling alternatives and everything in-between in an effort to make getting around easier and more efficient.

Refugee health

Resettling those who have lost everything

In a world facing a global refugee crisis, with ever more people fleeing their homelands, how do we make sure newcomers fit in successfully?

Urban design

Building smart, safe and sustainable cities

As millions of people flock to urban centres around the world, there is an urgent need to create better cities — and researchers at UCalgary are working to build smarter, safer and more sustainable urban environments.

Community contributions
Universities and cities: partners in greatness

It’s been said that great universities need great cities, and great cities need great universities. "Citizen science," the Urban Alliance partnership, and student connections with the community are some of the ways UCalgary contributes.

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Study shows first computer-driven cars will have noticeable impact on rush hour

Schulich School of Engineering researcher Omid Ebadi says automated vehicles — even a few of them — will influence traffic with their good behaviour.

Calgary's first supervised drug consumption site opens
By Michael Wood
O'Brien Institute For Public Health
January 19, 2018
UCalgary research informs supervised drug consumption site
By Michael Wood
O'Brien Institute for Public Health
January 19, 2018
Variable speed limits point to safer, faster commuting: study

Research from a Schulich School of Engineering master's student shows that changing speed limits on the fly can have a big impact on freeway congestion. 

What makes people want to walk?

A UCalgary research project aims to find out whether the person or the built environment is the primary inspiration for walkable communities. 

Futuristic furniture

Design students create a gesture-controlled workstation, sensory furniture and a form of office escape pod in their senior research studio.

6 ways to create a culture of innovation at work

Jim Dewald, dean of the Haskayne School of Business, shares ways that businesses can recreate themselves successfully and avoid stagnation and failure. 

Schools: the first step to integration?

Education can be a powerful tool when it comes to helping refugees and other newcomers adapt quickly to life in Canada.

The city’s ‘living room’: Creating public space

Marc Boutin, award-winning architect and associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design, talks about what it takes to build smart, safe and sustainable cities.

Q & A with Calgary Chamber of Commerce President Adam Legge

UCalgary alumnus Adam Legge shares his vision for the role entrepreneurs and innovators can play in building a vibrant future for the city. 

What men need for healthy relationships: The Alberta Men’s Survey

Part of building a healthy neighbourhood is ensuring the people who live there have healthy relationships, free of domestic violence. 

Protecting a most precious resource

A unique waste water research and treatment facility in Calgary is geared toward finding better ways to remove pollutants from our drinking water.

It’s not easy being green

As environmentally conscious construction takes off, one researcher asks how it affects building occupants.

What colour is your roof?

An engineering study compares roof technologies to determine which is best for cold climates. 

Landscape or architecture?

Professor Marc Boutin’s award-winning designs explore the potential of public spaces.

Refugee shelter design gains international recognition

 Students create prototypes of temporary shelters that keep in mind the most important consideration for displaced families: a sense of home.

Shedding new light on helping the homeless

One social work professor's research looks into housing-first programs, rural trends and the wellness of front-line workers.


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