Learning to seize the moment
Creative problem-solving, turning circumstances to our advantage, seeing possibilities where others see problems – entrepreneurial thinking is useful in any career. It's about taking initiative, learning from experience and being resourceful no matter what happens.
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Are entrepreneurs born or made?
The ingredients for entrepreneurial thinking

Conventional wisdom tells us that only a select few are born with the skills to think entrepreneurially. And that only those people come up with truly great ideas that change the world. But what if we could teach those abilities to all students?

Entrepreneurial thinking in all disciplines
What's the ROI on children's mental health?

Professions such as social work and health care aren't traditionally associated with entrepreneurial thinking, but UCalgary faculty members across campus are incorporating that mindset into their disciplines.

Why is entrepreneurial thinking important?

What do we mean by "entrepreneurial thinking"? Why is it important? Leaders from across the University of Calgary share what this skillset means to them and why it's a crucial way for any discipline to look at the world.

Can a public university think and act like an entrepreneur?

Join University of Calgary President and Vice-Chancellor Elizabeth Cannon as she shares her experiences incorporating entrepreneurial thinking into the strategy and operations of one of Canada’s leading public research universities, and proposes how other institutions can do the same.

Thinking like an entrepreneur: A handbook to a new perspective

Learn about how an entrepreneurial thinker looks at the world, get some resources to help you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, and read a case study in how one CEO was able to incorporate principles of entrepreneurial thinking into his daily operations.

Panel discussion: The power of entrepreneurial thinking

Join this webinar to understand why entrepreneurial thinking is important across all disciplines. Learn how anyone can leverage the entrepreneurial mindset, whether it's creative ways of addressing social challenges, designing more sustainable communities, pushing boundaries in the arts, or re-inventing a career or business after an economic downturn.

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Infographic: 8 traits of entrepreneurial thinkers

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Thanks to a new dual degree program, UCalgary students can get business and engineering degrees in as little as five years.  

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Social enterprise: creating a win-win

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Robot elbow launches a business

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