Sept. 11, 2018

Technology and children: Striking a balance


How much screen time is too much? How do we keep children safe online? Many parents are wary of letting their children use technology too much or too early, with good reason. But there is much to be gained when kids use digital tools in a safe, supported environment, including building skills in areas such as critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. 

Dr. Michele Jacobsen, PhD, is one of Canada’s top researchers in technology-enabled learning. She’s also the mother of two boys with practical experience navigating the same technology issues encountered by other parents. In this webinar, Michele provides answers to your most pressing questions about children and technology, including practical tips for keeping kids safe online.


About the Speaker

Dr. Michele Jacobsen, PhD, is a professor and the vice-dean in UCalgary's Werklund School of Education. Michele uses design-based, case study and action research methodologies to create and study innovative designs for learning and participatory pedagogies in technology-enabled learning environments to sponsor knowledge building, intellectual engagement and assessment for learning. 


Recorded on September 11, 2018