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Cannabis Legalization

Legalized cannabis – what does it mean?

Canada is legalizing cannabis. But there's still much we don't know about what benefits and drawbacks we can expect. Our researchers study the legal, medical, cultural and social impacts of mainstream marijuana – whats good, what's less good, and what we need to learn more about.

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Avoiding and overcoming addiction: The cautionary side of cannabis legalization

As Canada prepares to legalize cannabis, UCalgary researchers and practitioners look at ways to avoid developing problems with use as well as ways to overcome problem use.

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Green rush: Exploring the business of cannabis

Like the time when Prohibition was repealed, legalization of cannabis means a brand-new (formerly illegal) sector is about to be born. UCalgary researchers look at what shape such a newly legitimate industry might take.

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What does legalized cannabis mean for Canadians?

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Clearing the smoke: Amplifying youth voices on cannabis use

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The legal landscape for cannabis

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Dr. Fiona Clement, PhD, discusses cannabis legalization.

Clearing the smoke: Cannabis legalization and gateway drugs

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Cannabis facts and FAQs: A guide to legalization

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Dr. Matt Hill, PhD, talks about studying cannabis and mental health

Clearing the smoke: Cannabis and mental health

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Cannabis legalization: A policy primer

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Dr. Chris Wilkes, MD, professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, clears the smoke about cannabis.

Clearing the smoke: Therapeutic use and mental health risks

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