March 23, 2018

Can a public university think and act like an entrepreneur?


Universities are knowledge enterprises that can foster rich ecosystems of discovery, creativity and innovation in their communities... but often, universities can be hampered by complex bureaucracy and systemic inertia. Is it possible to turn a public university into an entrepreneurial powerhouse?

In this webinar, University of Calgary President and Vice-Chancellor Elizabeth Cannon shares her experiences incorporating entrepreneurial thinking into the strategy and operations of one of Canada’s leading public research universities, and proposes how other institutions can do the same.


About the Speaker

Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, PhD, is the president and vice-chancellor of the University of Calgary. A professional engineer and expert in geomatics engineering, she has conducted research at the forefront of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and commercialized technology to over 200 agencies worldwide. Elizabeth currently serves as the co-chair of the Business-Higher Education Round Table, a member of Universities Canada and the U15 group of Canadian research universities.