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Wolfgang Tittel

Wolfgang Tittel is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCalgary and holds the ATIF Strategic Research Chair in Quantum Secured Communications (QSC). He is also affiliated with the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, and the Institute for Security, Privacy and Information Assurance.

He is a Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and has authored or co-authored over 90 articles in refereed journals and has been cited over 15,800 times during the course of his career.

Wolfgang is engaged in groundbreaking experiments in the field of quantum communication, and his research interests include practical quantum cryptography, quantum memory, quantum repeaters, and quantum networks.

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Journal article

  • Bussieres, F., Slater, Joshua, Jin, Jeongwan, Godbout, N. and Tittel, Wolfgang. "Testing nonlocality over 12.4 km of underground fiber with universal time-bin qubit analyzers". arXiv 1003.0432 (2010). Print.
  • Lvovsky, Alexander, Sanders, Barry and Tittel, Wolfgang. "Quantum optical memory". Nature Photonics 3.12 (2009): 706-714. Print.
  • Lucio Martinez, Itzel, Chan, P., Mo, Xiaofan, Hosier, S. and Tittel, Wolfgang. "Proof-of-concept of real-world quantum key distribution with quantum frames". New Journal of Physics 11.095001 (2009): 26 pages. Print.
  • Krauss, B., Tittel, Wolfgang, Gisin, N., Nilsson, M., Kroll, S. and Cirac, J.I.. "Quantum memory for non-stationary light fields based on controlled reversible inhomogeneous broadening". Physical Review A 73.2 (2006): 020302 (4 pp.). Print.
  • Marcikic, I., de Riedmatten, H., Tittel, Wolfgang, Zbinden, H. and Gisin, N.. "Long-distance teleportation of qubits at telecommunication wavelength". Nature 421. (2003): 509-513. Print.
  • Gisin, N., Ribordy, G., Tittel, Wolfgang and Zbinden, H.. "Quantum cryptography". Reviews of Modern Physics 74.1 (2002): 145-195. Print.
  • Tittel, Wolfgang, Brendel, J., Zbinden, H. and Gisin, N.. "Quantum Cryptography using entangled photons in energy-time Bell states". Physical Review Letters 84.20 (2000): 4737-4740. Print.
  • Tittel, Wolfgang, Brendel, J., Zbinden, H. and Gisin, N.. "Violation of Bell Inequalities by Photons More than 10 km Apart". Physical Review Letters 81.17 (1998): 3563-3566. Print.
  • Muller, A., Herzog, T., Huttner, B., Tittel, Wolfgang, Zbinden, H. and Gisin, N.. "'Plug and Play' systems for quantum cryptography". Applied Physics Letters 70.7 (1997): 793-795. Print.

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