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Viola Birss

Viola Birss is a world leader in the area of electrochemistry at surfaces and interfaces, and in nanomaterials development for a wide range of clean energy applications. She is a professor in UCalgary's Department of Chemistry and has been a Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cells and Related Energy Systems since 2004. Viola was a co-founder and leader of both the Western Canada Fuel Cell Initiative and the Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Canada (SOFCC) Network and is currently the scientific director of the Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research Technology group in Calgary. Viola's team has been developing electrocatalysts and support materials for high temperature (SOFC) and low temperature fuel cells, electrolysis cells and supercapacitors. She is also active in the development of nanostructurally ordered nanomaterials, as well as electrochemical pathogen sensors.

Selected publications:


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