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Trevor Tombe

Trevor Tombe, assistant professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary

Published research papers

Internal Trade, Productivity, and Interconnected Industries: A Quantitative Analysis (with Lukas Albrecht), Canadian Journal of Economics 49 (1), February 2016.

Environmental Policy and Misallocation: The Productivity Effect of Intensity Standards (with Jennifer Winter), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 72: 137-163, July 2015.

The Missing Food Problem: Trade, Agriculture, and International Income Differences; American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 7 (3): 226-258, July 2015.

Quality Disclosure Programs with and Internal Organizational Practices: Evidence from Airline Flight Delay (with Silke Forbes and Mara Lederman); American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7 (2): 1-26, May 2015.

Factor Market Distortions Across Time, Space, and Sectors in China (with Loren Brandt and Xiaodong Zhu) Review of Economic Dynamics 16 (1): 39-58, January 2013.

Management Matters (with Michelle Alexopoulos) Journal of Monetary Economics 59 (3): 269-285, April 2012.

The Impact of Sub-Metering on Condominium Electricity Demand (with Don Dewees) Canadian Public Policy 37 (4): 435-457, December 2011.

Peer-reviewed policy papers

Better off Dead: “Value Added” in Economic Policy Debates, School of Public Policy Research Paper 8 (9), March 2015.

The Taming of the Skew: Facts on Canada’s Energy Trade, School of Public Policy Research Paper 7 (9), March 2014.

The Importance of Policy Neutrality for Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions (with Jennifer Winter), School of Public Policy Research Paper 6 (14), March 2013.

Appreciate the Appreciation: Imported Inputs and Concern over Dutch Disease (with Wardah Naim), School of Public Policy Research Paper 6 (13), January 2013.



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