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Sandy Hershcovis

Sandy Hershcovis, associate professor, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary


Bowling, N. & Hershcovis, M.S. (Eds.) (forthcoming). Research and Theory on Workplace Aggression. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Publications (* indicates student supervised)

Reich, T.C.* & Hershcovis, M.S., (2015). Observing Workplace Incivility. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 203-215. Impact Factor: 4.37.

Turner, N., Hershcovis, M.S., Reich, T.C.*, Totterdell, P.A, & Harrison, A. (2014). Work-family conflict, psychological distress, and workplace injuries. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. 87, 715-432, Impact Factor: 2.48.

Hershcovis, M.S. & Reich, T.C* (2013). Integrating workplace aggression research: Relational, contextual, and method considerations. Journal of Organizational Behavior. S1, 26-42. DOI: 10.1002/job.1886 Impact Factor: 3.26.

Stride, C.B., Turner, N., Hershcovis, M.S., Reich, T.C.*, Clegg, C.W., & Murphy, P. (2013). Negative safety events as correlates of work-safety tension. Safety Science. 53, 45-50. Impact Factor: 1.79.

Totterdell, P., Hershcovis, M.S., Niven, K., Reich, T.C.* & Stride, C. (2012). Can employees be emotionally drained by witnessing unpleasant interactions between coworkers? A diary study of induced emotion regulation. Work & Stress, 26, 112-129. Impact Factor: 2.14.

Hershcovis, M.S., Reich, T.C,* Parker, S. K. & Bozeman, J.* (2012). The relationship between workplace aggression and target deviant behaviour: the moderating roles of power and task interdependence, Work & Stress, 26, 1-20. Impact Factor: 2.14.

Hershcovis, M. S. (2011). Incivility, social undermining, bullying…Oh My! A call to reconcile constructs within workplace aggression research. Journal of Organizational Behavior. 32, 499-519. Impact Factor: 3.26.

Hershcovis, M. S. & Cameron, A. F. (2011). Invited Reaction: Managing Workplace Incivility: The Role of Conflict Management Styles – Antecedent or Antidote? Human Resource Development Quarterly, 4, 425-435. Impact Factor: .85.

Arnold, K.A., Dupré, K.E., Hershcovis, M.S., & Turner, N. (2011). Interpersonal targets and types of workplace aggression as a function of perpetrator sex?  Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 23, 163-170. 

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Herremans, I.M., Hershcovis, M.S., & Bertels, S. (2009). Leaders and laggards: The influence of competing logics on corporate environmental action. Journal of Business Ethics, 89, 449-472. (authors contributed equally). Impact Factor: 1.55.

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Hershcovis, M.S., Turner, N., Barling, J., Arnold, K.A., Dupré, K.E., Inness, M., LeBlanc, M.M., Sivanathan, N. (2007).  Predicting workplace aggression: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92, 228-238. Impact Factor: 4.37.

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Herremans, I.M. & Hershcovis, M.S. (2006). Sustainability reporting: Creating an internal self-driving mechanism.  Environmental Quality Management, 15, 3, 19-29.

Manuscripts under review and working papers

Hershcovis, M. S., & Bhatnagar, N. (under review). When customers behave badly: A silver lining to customer incivility. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Hershcovis, M.S., Christie, A., Cortina, L.M., Neville, L. Reich, T.C.,* & Sekundiak, M.* (under review). Reactions to observing workplace aggression: the role of power. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Hershcovis, M.S., Cameron, A.F., Gervais, L.,* & Bozeman, J.* (revise and resubmit) Coping with incivility. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

Hershcovis, M.S., Christie, A.M., & Reich, T.C.* (revise & resubmit). Isolation and embarrassment in reaction to daily incidents of workplace incivility. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Rafferty, A., Hershcovis, M.S., & Restubog, S. (to be submitted by Feb. 15, 2016). Employee Neuroticism and performance as antecedents of abusive supervision: A victim precipitation model. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Reich, T.C.*, Hershcovis, M.S., Totterdell, P. Stride, C., Niven K., Parker, S.K., & Carter, A. (Revise & Resubmit). It’s a matter of perspective: Attitudinal responses to witnessed mistreatment at work. Journal of Management.

Turner, N., Bruning, P.F., Hershcovis, M.S., Sung, F., Li, C., & Chen, K. Adding insult to injury: Injury experience, interpersonal stressors, and job-related psychological strain. Revise & Resubmit.

Manuscripts in preparation

Bozeman, J.* & Hershcovis, M.S. Target characteristics as predictors of abusive supervision: A test of conservation of resources theory. Supervisor and subordinate data collected from three organizations. Data analysis in progress.

Gervais*, L., Hershcovis, M.S., Cortina, L.M., & Reich, T.C.* In the eyes of the beholder: Observer evaluations of target deservingness. Data collection and analysis complete for study 1 and 2. Study 3 and 4 under way.

Bozeman, J.*, Hershcovis, M.S., & Bowling, N.A. The moderating role of self-esteem on the relationship between abusive supervision and its outcomes. Data collection and analysis for a 2-wave study complete, currently in write-up stage.

Hershcovis, M. S., & Neville, L. The dark side of civility. Study design in progress.

Reich, T.C.*, & Hershcovis, M.S. Victim attributions about their workplace aggression experiences: A qualitative analysis of New York Times blogs. Coding in progress.

Book chapters

Hershcovis, M.S. & Rafferty, A. (2012). Predicting abusive supervision. In Houdmont, J., Leka, S., & Sinclair, R. (Eds.) (2012). Contemporary occupational health psychology: Global perspectives on research and practice, vol 2. (pp. 92-108). Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Reich, T.C.* & Hershcovis, M.S. (2012). Observing sexual harassment at work: A gendered extension of a gendered construct. In S. Fox & T. Lituchy (Eds.) Gender and Dysfunctional Workplace. (pp. 120-134). London, UK: Edward Elgar.

Bozeman, J.* & Hershcovis, M.S. (2012). Victim role in precipitating aggression. In M. Paludi (Ed.). Managing Diversity in Today’s Workplace, (pp. 49-75). Praeger: Santa Barbara, CA.

Reich, T.C.* & Hershcovis, M.S. (2010). Interpersonal relationships at work. In S. Zedeck (Ed.), Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (volume III, pp. 223-248), Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Hershcovis, M. S. & Reich, T. C.* (2010). Occupational stress. In I. Weiner & E. Craighead (Eds.). Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science (4th ed., pp. 1124-1125). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Hershcovis, M.S., & Barling, J. (2007). Towards A relational model of workplace aggression.  In J. Langan-Fox, C.L. Cooper, & R. Klimoski (Eds.), Dysfunctional Workplace: Management Challenges and Symptoms, (p. 268-284). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Hershcovis, M.S., & Barling, J. (2006). Preventing workplace violence. In E. K. Kelloway, J. Barling, & J. Hurrell (Eds.), Handbook of Workplace Violence, (pp. 607-632). Sage Publications.

Other publications

Hershcovis, M.S., Reich, T.C., & Niven, K. (2015). Workplace bullying: Causes, consequences, and intervention strategies. SIOP White Paper Series, 3-22.

Hershcovis, M.S. & Barling, J. (July 7, 2008). Workplace bullying costs companies time and talent. Winnipeg Free Press.

Hershcovis, M.S. (2007). Teaching must not be trumped by research. Canadian Association of University Teachers Bulletin. 54(7).

Herremans, I.M. and Hershcovis, M.S. (2002). The evolution of environmental reporting in the petroleum industry in Canada, Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, 41, 9, 8-10. (Invited Editorial.)



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