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Saeid Saidi

Saeid Saidi is a recent Transportation Engineering graduate from the University of Calgary. Currently, he is a post research associate with UCalgary. His research interest centres on transit network planning, transportation modeling, and intelligent transportation systems. He is a member of the Rail Transit Systems Committee at the Transportation Research Board.

Select publications

Articles published in refereed journals

  • Saidi, S., Wirasinghe, S.C., and Kattan, L. (2016). Long Term Planning for Ring-Radial Urban Rail 
Transit Networks. Journal of Transportation Research Part B: Methodological. 86, 128-146. 

  • Saidi, S., Ji, Y., Cheng, C., Guan, J., Jiang, S., Kattan, L., Du, Y. and Wirasinghe, S.C. (2016). Planning an Urban Ring Rail Transit Line: A Case Study of Shanghai, China. Transportation Research Record: 
Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2540, 56-65. 

  • Saidi, S., Wirasinghe, S.C., and Kattan, L. (2014). Rail Transit: Exploration with Emphasis on Networks 
with Ring Lines. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2419, 

  • Arora, K., Saidi, S., Khondaker, B. and Kattan, L. (2014). Derivation of Van Aerde traffic stream model 
and studying the effect of Ramp Metering and Variable speed limit design. Discovery 22.71 pp 2-28. 

  • Kattan, L., & Saidi, S. (2013). Comparative Analysis of Probe Based Ramp Metering with Detector Based 
and Pretimed Ramp Metering. Journal of Advanced Transportation, 47(1), 61-78. 

  • L. Kattan, C. Harschnitz, M. Mousavi, A. Radmanesh, B. Far, and Saidi, S. (2012) Microsimulation Evaluation of the Potential Impacts of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication (V2V) in Disseminating Warning Information under High Incident Occurrence Conditions. International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 10, 137-147.


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