Jana Vamosi

Jana Vamosi is an associate professor in UCalgary's Department of Biological Sciences. She is a biodiversity scientist studying the role of traits in the conservation biology and functional ecology of plants.

Lawrence Harder

Lawrence Harder is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences in UCalgary's Faculty of Science and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. His research illustrates the contribution of plant-pollinator interactions to the diversity of flowering plants, reveals inflorescences, rather than individual flowers, as the fundamental unit of plant mating, and integrates ecological and genetic perspectives on plant mating.

Paul Galpern

Paul Galpern is an assistant professor in UCalgary's Faculty of Environmental Design, teaching landscape ecology and geographic information systems (GIS). A major theme of his research is pollinator conservation and how landscape use and climate change affect wild pollinator status and pollination services in natural and agricultural landscapes, and how this may contribute to pollinator decline.



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