Trevor Tombe

Trevor Tombe, assistant professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary

Published research papers

Internal Trade, Productivity, and Interconnected Industries: A Quantitative Analysis (with Lukas Albrecht), Canadian Journal of Economics 49 (1), February 2016.

Environmental Policy and Misallocation: The Productivity Effect of Intensity Standards (with Jennifer Winter), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 72: 137-163, July 2015.

Suzanne Curtin

Suzanne Curtin, associate professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary


Archer, S.L., & Curtin, S. (accepted). Nine-month-olds use frequency of onset clusters to segment novel words. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Vukatana, E., Curtin, S., Graham, S.A. (accepted). Infants’ acceptance of phonotactically illegal word forms as object labels. Journal of Child Language.

Sheri Madigan

Sheri Madigan, assistant professor; TIER II CRC - Determinants of Child Development, Faculty of Arts, University of Calgary


Madigan, S., Wade, M., & Plamondon, A., Jenkins, J. (in press). Neighborhood Collective Efficacy Moderates the Association between Maternal Adverse Childhood Experiences and Marital Conflict. American Journal of Community Psychology.



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