Tour the Senior Suite of the Future

Join Calgary architect John Brown, dean of UCalgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), on a walkthrough tour of the Laneway Home, an innovative laneway housing project for seniors. "We want to create a purpose-built residence for the aging community," Brown says. "The whole home will be somewhat like a Fitbit, keeping track of a person’s health."

ADHD: challenges and solutions

Listen to researcher Emma Climie as she talks about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and mental health challenges, and explores symptoms and management strategies.



Org structures: developing a working model for working

Most workplaces today are structured in a traditional model that resembles a pyramid, where the most senior leaders sit at the top and all the other people within that organization fit into a specific space and place within the structure that falls below the leadership.

That’s not necessarily a bad structure.  It’s clearly one that works for the workplace; if not, leadership would make modifications to the model.



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