Healthy aging and memory

Join researcher Lorraine Venturato in this webinar as she explores:

  • Aspects of memory and healthy brain aging
  • When occasional forgetfulness might be something more serious
  • Key features of dementia
  • Key elements of social aspects of care and living with dementia


Recorded June 29, 2016

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Internet and the law: protecting yourself against online abuse

Join researcher Emily Laidlaw as she examines the current laws that apply to the problem of online abuse and explores legal reforms that could better tackle the harm involved.

In this webinar, Laidlaw explores:

  • The line between free speech and other rights such as privacy and reputation.
  • The ways that social media platforms have sought to regulate through their terms and conditions.
  • The ways you can protect yourself or assert your rights under the law.


Recorded June 21, 2016

How childhood cancer affects children and families

Join researcher Nancy Moules as she discusses her studies on the impact of childhood cancer on children and families.

In this webinar, Moules focuses on two studies that examined how the cancer experience affected parents of children with cancer and grandparents of these children.

Moules explores suggestions and strategies offered by parents and grandparents of children with cancer, and how other families who are undergoing this experience can seek support.

Recorded June 23, 2016



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