Dealing with Workplace Aggression

One in every six people in Canada has been bullied at their place of work and one in every five has witnessed a colleague being bullied. It ranges from outright abuse to subtle behaviour like rudeness, hostility, intimidation or getting in the way and impeding someone’s work. Perpetrators can include bosses, co-workers and clients. Sandy Hershcovis, associate professor at the University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business, explores causes of workplace aggression and how to create a more positive work environment.  

How Postpartum Depression Affects Babies

Postpartum depression can make caring for infants seem like too much to bear. But what effect does this have on the baby's development? 

University of Calgary professor Nicole Letourneau discusses how postpartum depression affects babies, and a simple, effective treatment that overcomes many of the barriers that prevent mothers from seeking help. 

Advice on Childhood Cancer – From Families Who've Been There

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, all efforts are directed at caring for the child. But the way that the families around them cope can have an enormous impact on their well-being. University of Calgary psychosocial oncology expert Nancy Moules discusses the advice that parents of children with cancer have for other parents facing the same situation. 



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