Org structures: developing a working model for working

Most workplaces today are structured in a traditional model that resembles a pyramid, where the most senior leaders sit at the top and all the other people within that organization fit into a specific space and place within the structure that falls below the leadership.

That’s not necessarily a bad structure.  It’s clearly one that works for the workplace; if not, leadership would make modifications to the model.

Weight as a social justice issue

When it comes to physical appearance, it’s not uncommon to hear people openly criticizing and judging others about their body size. Too fat, too thin; in personal conversations and throughout mainstream and social media, there doesn’t seem to be much regard for the impact the negative comments about physical appearance has on the individual.

Some call it the last acceptable form of discrimination, a key tenet in the discussion on social justice issues.

Staying safe in cyberspace

The Internet has completely transformed the way we live our lives. It has also transformed our definition of the term ‘personal security.’ Every action we take in the digital space leaves a trail, giving insights about our interests, our life stage and much more, in a way that wasn’t possible before.

In this ebook, we provide tips on staying safe online and on your phone in today’s world. When social media properties ask you for your birth date, should you provide it? Should you open attachments to texts?



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