Penny Werthner

Penny Werthner, PhD, is the dean of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Kinesiology. One of Canada’s top consultants in sports psychology, she serves on the editorial board for the International Sport Coaching Journal. Her research, done in collaboration with elite athletes across Canada, investigates the effect of bio- and neurofeedback on athletic performance.

Find a list of Penny’s academic papers here.

David M. Paskevich

David Paskevich, PhD, is an associate professor in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Kinesiology. His research focuses on applied sport psychology, and how athletes and coaches perceive stress, and develop their ability to cope with stressors during practice and competition. He currently studies how mental skills, mental toughness, psychological hardiness and coping effectiveness impact sport performance. 

Access a list of David’s academic papers here.


Communicating with Children at All Stages

Early childhood experiences shape children and their lives – and parents play a critical role. Sheri Madigan, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Calgary, discusses strategies for positive parenting during all stages of child development.



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