Cracking the genetic code for better health

Advances in genomics – the study of genes and their functions – are allowing researchers (and eventually physicians) to customize health care and treat individuals according to their genetic makeup. Join Dr. Francois Bernier, an expert in rare diseases, as he explains how genetic sequencing, a “precision medicine” approach, can give physicians more tools to understand what their patients need and to provide highly personalized, precise care.

Recorded April 4, 2017

A faster way to treat stroke

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in Canada. UCalgary researchers have now found a ground-breaking procedure developed through a clinical trial, which drastically reduces the likelihood of death or disability for stroke patients. Join Dr. Michael Hill and Dr. Mayank Goyal, two of the key researchers behind this breakthrough, as they shed light on how the procedure helps treat stroke and provides them with better chances of recovery.

Recorded March 21, 2017

The interconnections between human, animal and environmental health

One Health is an initiative that looks at how people, animals and the environment interact, and the health impacts that each has on the others. In this webinar, researcher Dr. Baljit Singh provides a deeper insight into how One Health could improve our understanding of complex problems such as food safety, water safety, infection and disease transmission through a cross-disciplinary approach.



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