Mighty Microbiome: Helping your child build a strong immune system

The microbiome – the trillions of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that live in and around each of us – programs our immune systems and is thought to chart the course of our health over the span of our lives.

Our microbiome begins developing from birth, making our younger years crucial to determining which diseases and health problems we'll be susceptible to later.

Clinical depression: A guide to symptoms and treatments

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting an estimated 350 million people. This disorder can be devastating, causing those affected to function poorly at school, at work, and in the family.  

In this ebook, you'll learn about depression and its causes, how to recognize symptoms, resources for dealing with depression, and some of the research being done into depression at the University of Calgary.

Bones and joints: Common disorders, symptoms and treatments

Our bones and joints are the foundations that our bodies are built on. Keeping them healthy is essential to our well-being and quality of life. 

In this ebook, you'll learn about how bones and joints work, the most common disorders that affect bones and joints and how to recognize them, and things you can do to keep your bones and joints healthy and your skeleton strong.

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