Martin Olszynski

Martin Olszynski is an assistant professor in the University of Calgary's Faculty of Law. His primary teaching and research interests are in environmental, natural resources, and water law and policy.

Can we stop arthritis before it starts?

Arthritis can lead to severe disability, and the longer it takes to diagnose the disease, the harder it is to treat. We talk to Dr. Marvin Fritzler, with the Cumming School of Medicine, about how to tackle this debilitating disease before it damages joints permanently.

Is there a better way to detect breast cancer?

With tens of thousands of Canadian women expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer each year, it's essential to find more efficient, less intrusive ways to detect and wipe out this deadly disease. We talk to Schulich School of Engineering professor Kristina Rinker about a new way to screen for breast cancer.



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