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Weight as a social justice issue

When it comes to physical appearance, it’s not uncommon to hear people openly criticizing and judging others about their body size. Too fat, too thin; in personal conversations and throughout mainstream and social media, there doesn’t seem to be much regard for the impact the negative comments about physical appearance has on the individual.

Some call it the last acceptable form of discrimination, a key tenet in the discussion on social justice issues.

And while most tend to think of social justice as relating to issues such as  dimensions of resource distribution, physical and psychological security, and power relations, researchers Shelly Russell-Mayhew and Darren Lund from the Werklund School of Education are asking whether there a connect between the two.

Russell-Mayhew, who holds a Werklund Professorship for her work in the area of weight bias, has teamed up with WSE prof Lund and others to consider the connection between social inequity as it relates to food, weight, physical activity, health, and gender.



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