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Lana Wells

Lana Wells, associate professor, Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

Recent publications

Wells, L., & Claussen, C. (in process). Enhancing domestic violence primary prevention capacity through a community of practice project: Learnings from Alberta, Canada. Journal of Family Social Work.

Wells, L., Lorenzetti, L., Logie, C., & Callaghan, T. (under review). Understanding and preventing domestic violence in the lives of gender and sexually diverse persons. Sexualities.

Wells, L., Lorenzetti, L., Esina, E., Carolo, H., Dinner, T., Jones, C., & Minerson, T. (Under review). Domestic violence prevention: Introduction to entry-points and promising approaches in working with men and boys. Men and Masculinity.

Wells, L., Goulet, S., Lorenzetti, L., Walsh, C.A., & Claussen, C. (Under review). Domestic violence prevention in urban Aboriginal communities. International Journal of Indigenous Health.

Wells, L., Turner, A., & Cooper, M. (2014). Overcoming the gender dyad: Engaging men and boys in domestic violence prevention.In Overcoming Domestic Violence: Creating a Resilience Dialogue Round Vulnerable Populations. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Wells, L., & Turner, A. (2014). Corporal punishment and domestic violence: The case for “anti-spanking“ legislation. LawNow. Retrieved from

Wells, L., & Turner, A. (2014, November). Under the Influence: Liquor outlet density & Domestic violence in Alberta. LawNow. Retrieved from

Wells, L., Hurlock, D., Antonio, M., Lantion, V., Abboud, R., Claussen, C., & Lorenzetti, L. A. (2013). Context of domestic violence:  Learning’s for prevention from the Calgary Filipino community.  International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 4(1), 147-165. Retrieved from

Wells, L.,Boodt, C., & Emery, H. (2012). Preventing domestic violence in Alberta:  A cost savings perspective.  The School of Public Policy, SPP Research Papers, 5(17), 1-13. Retrieved from



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