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Joule Bergerson

Joule Bergerson is an associate professor in the UCalgary's Schulich School of Engineering, a Canada Research Chair in Energy Technology Assessment, and a member of the faculty’s Centre for Environmental Engineering Research and Education. Her goal is to provide methods and tools that will allow a better understanding of life-cycle assessment and systems modeling for new technologies, ensuring energy production is maximized while keeping the climate and costs in mind. Joule is leading the technology assessment and co-ordination theme, one of several areas of research being funded through a $75-million grant from the federal Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF). Bergerson’s research team is helping prioritize research and development activities by identifying technologies – or optimal combinations of technologies – that would provide particularly large life cycle benefits.

Selected publications

  • Oguz Akbilgic, Da Zhu, Ian Gates and Joule Bergerson. Prediction of Steam to Oil Ratio of Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage from Reservoir Characteristics. Energy. IF: 4.159. Accepted: September, 2015.
  • Raksha Lakhani, Ganesh Doluweera, and Joule Bergerson. Internalizing land use impacts for life cycle cost analysis of energy systems: A case of California’s photovoltaic implementation. Applied Energy. Nov. 2013. DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2013.11.038. IF: 5.261.
  • Ganesh Doluweera, Sarah Jordaan, Michal Moore, David Keith and Joule Bergerson. Evaluating the Role of Cogeneration for Carbon Management in Alberta. Energy Policy. 2011. Vol. 39. pp. 7963-7974. IF: 2.696.
  • Jessica Abella and Joule Bergerson. Model to investigate energy and greenhouse gas emissions implications of refining petroleum: impacts of crude quality and refinery configuration. Environmental Science and Technology. October, 2012. 46. pp. 13037-13047. IF: 5.481.
  • Joule Bergerson, Oyeshola Kofoworola, Alex Charpentier, Sylvia Sleep, and Heather MacLean. Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Current Oil Sands Technologies: Surface Mining and In Situ Applications. Environmental Science and Technology. June, 2012. 46. pp. 7865-7874. IF: 5.481.
  • Joule Bergerson and David Keith. The truth about dirty oil: Is CCS the answer? Environmental Science and Technology. Environmental Science and Technology. 2010. Vol. 44. pp. 6010–6015. IF: 5.481.


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