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Martin Olszynski

Martin Olszynski is an assistant professor in the University of Calgary's Faculty of Law. His primary teaching and research interests are in environmental, natural resources, and water law and policy. He is also interested in the continuous development of related core areas of law, including constitutional, administrative, tort and regulatory law. Olszynski has appeared before Parliamentary and Senate Committees in the context of various environmental matters to discuss his research.

Selected publications:

  • "Failed Experiments: An Empirical Assessment of Adaptive Management in Alberta's Energy Resources Sector" (2017) U.B.C. Law Review (Forthcoming)
  • "Authorized Net Losses of Fish Habitat Demonstrate Need for Improved Habitat Protection in Canada" (2017) Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. (Forthcoming) (with Dr. Brett Favaro)
  • "Does Slow and Steady Win the Race? Ecosystem Services in Canadian and Chilean Environmental Law and Policy" (2016) Ecosystem Services (with Justice Roberto Pasten and Justice Michael Hantke-Domas)
  • “From ‘Badly Wrong’ to Worse: An Empirical Analysis of Canada's New Approach to Fish Habitat Protection Laws” (2015) 28(1) J. Env. L & Prac. (SSRN)
  • “Environmental Assessment as Planning and Disclosure Tool: Greenpeace Canada v. Canada (Attorney General)” 38(1) (2015) Dalhousie Law Journal (SSRN)
  • “Ancient Maxim, Modern Problems: De Minimis, Cumulative Environmental Effects and Risk-based Regulation” (2015) 40:2 Queen's LJ 705 (SSRN)
  • “Can Environmental Laws Fulfill their Promise? Stories from Canada” (2014) 6(9) Sustainability pp.6024-6048 (with Nigel Bankes and Sharon Mascher)
  • “Environmental Monitoring and Ecosystem Management in the Oil Sands: Spaceship Earth or Escort Tugboat?” (2014) 10(1) McGill JSDLP 1 (SSRN)
  • “Environmental Damages after the Federal Environmental Enforcement Act: Bringing Ecosystem Services to Canadian Environmental Law?” (2012) 50(1) Osgoode Hall L. J. 129 (SSRN)
  • “Old Puzzle, New Pieces: Red Chris and Vanadium and the Future of Federal Environmental Assessment” (2011) 89 Can. Bar. Rev. 445 (case comment with Marie-Ann Bowden) (SSRN)
  • “Adaptive Management in Canadian Environmental Assessment Law: Exploring Uses and Limitations” (2010) 21 J. Env. L. & Prac. 1 (SSRN)
  • “The Commoditization of Canadian Water: Exploring International Trade Implications” (2006) 68 Sask. L. Rev. 221 (SSRN)
  • “Hoffman v. Monsanto Canada Inc.: Looking for a Generous Approach to the Elephant in the Garden” (2006) 16 J. Env. L. & Prac. 53 (case comment)
  • “The Assessment of Environmental Damages Following the Supreme Court's Decision in Canfor” (2005) 15 J. Env. L. & Prac. 257 (SSRN)


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