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Chad Saunders

Chad Saunders, PhD, joined UCalgary's Haskayne School of Business as an assistant professor in 2007 and holds adjunct appointments with the Department of Community Health Sciences and the Department of Medicine at the Cumming School of Medicine, where he is the eHealth Services and Strategy Lead with the healthcare innovation incubator the Ward of the 21st Century

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Selected publications

  • Hawkins, R., Langford, C., & Saunders, C. (2015). “Assessing the Practical Application of Social Knowledge: A Survey of Six Leading Canadian Universities”, Research Policy, 44(1), 83-95. 
  • Marcolin, B. & Saunders, C. (2015). “A Roadmap for Academic-Industry Collaborations in Information Systems Research: Avoiding Rigor Mortis”, Database for Advances in Information Systems, 46(3), 23-51. 
  • Fotheringham, S. & Saunders, C. (2014). “Social Enterprise as Poverty Reducing Strategy for Women”, Journal of Social Enterprise, 10(3), 176-199.
  • Saunders, C., Hawkins, R. & Langford, C. (2012) “Policy Implications of the Entrepreneurial Activities of Academics in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts (SSHA) for Higher Education Research and Development (HERD). SSHRC Synthesis Report, Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). May 15, pp. 1-35.
  • Scott, R.E., Saunders, C., et al., (2010). “Healthy e-health? Think 'environmental e-health'!”  Studies in Health Technology and Informatics161: p. 132-138.
  • Scott RE, Saunders C. (2010). “Comment on Editorial "Telemedicine Is Green"”. Telemed J E Health, 16(1): 118-119.
  • Scott RE, Saunders C, Loewen L, Twynstra T, Battcock A, Stayberg S. (2009). “The Potential Impact of e-Health on our Environment: Introducing a New and Essential Concept.” Int J Excellence in Healthcare Management. 2009;2(2) (ISSN: 1993-8640).
  • Scott RE, Saunders C, Hebert M. (2009) “Environmental eHealth: A Social Responsibility for eHealth Proponents” Global Telemedicine and eHealth Updates, 2:94-98.
  • Hanlon, D. and Saunders, C. (2007)“Marshalling Resources to Form New Small Ventures: Towards A More Holistic Understanding of Entrepreneurial Support” to Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 31(4). ET&P is on the Financial Times top tier list. 
  • Saunders, C. (2006). “Knowledge management systems and patenting”, University of Calgary (PhD Thesis). 
  • Coffin, C., Saunders, C., et al. (2005) “Validity of ICD-9-CM Administrative Data for Determining Eligibility for Pneumococcal Vaccination Triggers” American Journal of Medical Quality, 19(5), 1-6.
  • Chiasson, M. and Saunders, C. (2005) “Reconciling diverse approaches to opportunity research using the structuration theory” Journal of Business Venturing.  20(6), 747-767.
  • Parsons, J. and Saunders, C. (2004) “Cognitive Heuristics in Software Engineering: Applying and Extending Anchoring and Adjustment to Artifact Reuse” IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 30(12), 873-885.
  • Saunders, C. and Chan, Y. (2002).  “Rapid-Growth Firms: The Challenge of Managing Information Technology”. Ivey Business Journal, 66(3), 62-67



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