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Caroline Hachem-Vermette

Dr. Caroline Hachem-Vermette is an assistant professor in UCalgary's Faculty of Environmental Design. Her key areas of research include high energy performance building envelopes, renewable energy technologies, passive solar design of buildings and communities, energy efficient and low carbon buildings and neighborhood design.

Selected publications

  1. Hachem C, ElSayed, M. (2016), Patterns of façade system design for enhanced energy performance of multistory buildings, Journal of Energy and Buildings, in press.
  2. Hachem, C., (2016). Impact of neighborhood design on energy performance and GHG emissions, Journal of Applied Energy, Volume 177, Pages 422–434.
  3. Hachem C., Cubi, E. Bergerson, J. (2015). Energy performance of a solar mixed-use community, Sustainable cities and communities (Special issue),
  4. Hachem, C., (2015), Integrated design considerations for solar communities, Journal of Green Buildings, V 10, N2.
  5. Hachem C., A. Athienitis, P. Fazio, (2014). Energy performance enhancement in multistory residential buildings, Journal of Applied Energy.
  6. Hachem C., Fazio, P., and Athienitis, A., (2013). Solar optimized residential neighborhoods: Evaluation and design methodology, Journal of Solar Energy, 95, 42–64.
  7. Hachem C., A. Athienitis, P. Fazio, (2012). Design of roofs for increased solar potential of BIPV/T systems and their applications to housing units. ASHRAE Transactions RNS-00226-2011.R1.
  8. Hachem C., A. Athienitis, P. Fazio, (2011), Investigation of Solar Potential of Housing Units in Different Neighborhood Designs, Journal of Energy and Buildings, Volume 43, Issue 9, Pages 2262-2273. 
  9. Hachem C., A. Athienitis, P. Fazio, (2011), Parametric investigation of geometric form effects on solar potential of housing units, Journal of Solar Energy, Volume 85, Issue 9, Pages 1864-1877. 



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